An interview with Eduard Ovcacek

Posted on Grudzień 3, 2011

L. B.: What was the co-operation between Poles and Czechs under communism? It seems that you were refused a passport and during the art opening in the Krzywe Kolo Gallery you were just present by phone?

E. O.: In a totalitarian communist regime of course the free development of personalities was made difficult. However, in Poland the situation was a bit better than in Czechoslovakia. For this reason, the co-operation with the independent artistic milieu of Poland was very attractive for us. In Poland it was even possible to buy specialist art books. In Czechoslovakia it was impossible, because foreign books were not imported. It is true, that we were only able to participate in the art opening in the Krzywe Kolo Gallery by phone. For today’s generation it must appear funny and hard to understand. The whole exhibition was taken illegally from Czechoslovakia to Poland by the Tatra mountain rescuers, among whom we had friends.

An exerpt of the interview published in „Living Gallery” magazine (