Krzysztof Mężyk – Qualia

Posted on Lipiec 12, 2013

Let’s imagine that we know where ideas come from. That painting is a well defined art and has a once and for all given meaning, that each stain is an adequate word, and each mark, a properly placed coma, that paintings are scores that everyone can decipher. Let’s imagine also for a while that paintings are only made to be looked at and don’t have to be spoken about, understood for only what they are, as they are. Let’s imagine that they don’t have to be measured or documented in galleries or museum databases, nor that they have to be given any financial value (which would mean that no one would be able to purchase them and they would belong to everyone), let’s imagine that they would be indifferent to economy and politics. Let’s imagine finally that quite futile it turns out are the awkward efforts given by interpreters, critics and historians of art, and that curators would suddenly become useless and therefore jobless. Let’s imagine basically that we can understand every element of a painting as effortlessly as we could decipher the meaning of a shaken hand. This would be it turns out qualia, but concerning that, thankfully, nothing can be said.


A text written for an exhibition by Krzysztof Mężk Qualia (BWA SOKÓŁ Gallery, 12th July – 11th August 2013, Nowy Sącz, curator: Łukasz Białkowski)