The Tourists and the Locals. Participatory Practices of Art Institutions in View of Dean MacCannell’s Concept of Tourism

Posted on Styczeń 1, 2016

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(…) The perspective of symbolic interactionism in MacCannell’s interpretation would suggest that, as gestures of theatrical nature, the participatory activities – but also the rest of listed methods of “opening up” institutions to the viewer – are a pretended movement. Not necessarily intentional, because behind the events which aim to open institution to the viewer or allow him to participate in it, there are usually honest intentions of the organizers, artists and curators. The problem is that the desire to introduce a wide variety of social groups to the high culture – invalidate the social antagonisms, distinctions and exclusions, transform formal relations into informal ones, mediated into direct ones and, finally, suspend the tastes – is based on a vision impossible to fulfill because of the nature of an institution. Being the elements of a field of art – and this is not a hint from MacCannell, but a suggestion from Pierre Bourdieu – galleries and museums participate in a game of symbolic capital and of the reign in this area. And this is connected with distinctions, hierarchies, and exclusions.

Fragment artykułu, który ukazał się w „Annales Universitas Paedagogicae Cracoviensis. Studia de Arte et Educatione” X (2015). Całość dostępna tutaj.

An excerpt from the article published in „Annales Universitas Paedagogicae Cracoviensis. Studia de Arte et Educatione” X (2015). The entire text is accessible here.